Endowment Program

Why create a scholarship endowment?
An investment of an endowed gift to the Eccles School provides permanent scholarship support and ensures the legacy of excellent education continues. Your endowment forever links your name, or whichever name you select, to the institution and our students.

How it works:
These scholarships are established with a $25,000 investment, which can be paid at once or built over five years. When your gift is fully funded and invested for one year, 4% of its value is awarded as a scholarship. The table below shows what amount would be distributed annually based on your total endowment investment. You can designate broad scholarship criteria and create the scholarship endowment title, which is typically named after you or a person you wish to honor.

Your Total Investment Eccles School Yearly Award
Legacy Circle $1,000,000 $40,000
Dean’s Circle $500,000 $20,000
Executive Circle $250,000 $10,000
Leadership Circle $100,000 $4,000
Partner $50,000 $2,000
Investor $25,000 $1,000

Incentive to Start!

Building our endowment funds is a top priority for Dean Taylor Randall. As an extra incentive, the school will fund your annual award during the five years you build your endowment. Make a commitment today and immediately help a student achieve their dreams of a college education!

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