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90% of graduates are placed in full-time positions within three months after getting their diploma

"Because of donors believing in me, I am able to continue my education." -Richard Bagley

"We give so others can succeed as we have." -Rick Baldini, Peter Zolintakis, Dino Pappas

"None of this would be possible without support of a donor who believed in the power of education." -Marian Bonar

"My scholarship allowed me to finish school. Thank you for that opportunity. " -Sloan Russell

Demand for scholarships grow as enrollment numbers have increased 125% in the last 5 years

For the past 64 years, the David Eccles School has dedicated itself to building a strong scholarship program to provide financial assistance to students. Currently the program provides over 250 named scholarships to almost 1,000 students.

Thanks to generous donors like you who are giving back to the Eccles School, our students can take on more leadership opportunities outside the classroom, hone their networking skills in competitions, and network at national conferences, which differentiate them from other job candidates. Your dollars are making a power impact on the students’ lives and for future generations.

How it works:
With only a $1,000 annual gift you can provide a deserving student access to an excellent education today and help create strong business leaders of tomorrow. As the scholarship donor, you can designate broad scholarship criteria and create the scholarship endowment title, which is typically named after you or a person you wish to honor. We passionately believe this is a sound investment

2016-17 In-State Tuition & Fees

Program Number of Hours per Program Estimated Semesters Total Annual Cost Total Program Cost*
Undergraduate Degree** 122 8 $10,886 $43,543
MBA 62 4 $27,327 $54,654
Master of Accounting 32 2 $27,687 $27,687
Master of Finance 30 3 $27,373 $27,373
Master of Healthcare Administration 83 4 $23,200 $46,400
Master of Information Systems 30 3 $27,373 $27,3731
Master of Real Estate Development 42 5 $19,622 $39,244
*All figures are approximate as tuition and fees can change anytime and credit hours per semester may vary by student by program. Estimate cost per hour can also vary depending on the hours taken each semester and the number of semesters attended in the program.
**Combines both lower and upper division business majors

Increase Your Impact

To show our commitment, when a donor pledges to fund an annual scholarship for four or five years, the Eccles School will match 50% of those annual funds. As an example, a donor agrees to fund a $10,000 scholarship for four years, then the scholarship award value is $15,000 each of those four years. Corporate and matching gift programs can be used to grow your investment even further. You have the opportunity to set the criteria around your scholarship with regard to the program, major, academic excellence or financial need.

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